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MOTUS LIBERI is the official producer and supplier of a modern line of wear-resistant municipal equipment in Ukraine. The task of our company is to implement and support modern solutions in the field of technical support for municipal and private enterprises.

Rotary front hydraulic blade, designed to clean the road from fresh snow. Used in urban conditions. The equipment includes: a support plate; frame; blade; rubber shoe; protective visor; hydraulic cylinder for lifting / lowering the blade; two hydraulic cylinders turning the blade.

  • capacity of 4.5-12 cubic meters.
  • working area width 12 m
  • working speed 40 km / h
  • transport speed 60 km / h
  • drive type hydraulic

Road-washing machines are designed for wetting and washing hard surfaces of all types, as well as for watering green plantations. In addition, watering and washing machines can be used to extinguish fires. In winter, watering and washing machines are equipped with plow-brush equipment and used for snow removal